Get up to 12 weeks to pay business invoices

BridgePay is a flexible payment option to get what you need without having to pay upfront. Your cash flow will thank you.

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Buy from your supplier now, pay later over 12 weeks

BridgePay is a new flexible way to pay invoices. We’ll settle your supplier and you pay us back over 12 weekly payments. It’s interest free with participating suppliers.

Improve your cash flow

Avoid paying cash upfront with the option to split it over 12 weeks. Get more time to sell and navigate seasonality. Keep suppliers happy.

Fast and simple application

Apply online in 2 minutes, get approved within hours. No paperwork or security required. You’ll get on with your business in no time.

Flexible trade credit

Pay one or many invoices up to R500,000. Use your BridgePay facility to purchase stock and materials, pay for services, or buy equipment.

How BridgePay works

Apply for BridgePay

Apply online in 2 minutes and get a decision within hours.

Order from your supplier

Order direct from your chosen supplier and send us the invoice.

Choose BridgePay

Approve payment and we’ll pay your supplier so they can process your order.

Pay over 12 weeks

Pay us back over 12 weeks. Settle early at any time without penalty.

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See what our customers are saying about us

BridgePay is powered by Bridgement, South Africa’s top rated online lender to SMEs, consistently receiving positive reviews.

I was refused help from my bank. I have been with them for more than 12 Years. I approached Bridgement for a loan to carry me through. I could not fault them on anything. The are extremely helpful, efficient and courteous. The money was deposited in my account within less than 24hrs from time of application. Thank You Bridgement. Really Appreciated.

Stephen, Owner

What a pleasure to find a company willing to provide finance to a start up company. Process was simple and easy.

Elana, Business owner

Very efficient and quick. I highly recommend Bridgement.

Mark, CEO

From all financing houses this process with Bridgement has been very pleasant and hassle free compared to the institutions we have dealt with in the past.Will definitely refer them to other business owners!

Wandile, Business owner

Smart fintech company uses access to existing financial data in your accounting system to make the credit application process quick and easy. We applied and our loan was granted the next day and the cash hit our account that very day. Brilliant innovation!

Lance, Manager

Brilliant service, very easy to use platform, quick turnaround time, instant withdraw on the payments. Very happy so far, intend to incorporate this into my business strategy moving forward for sure. Recommend.

Armando, Business owner

Fantastic well Organised Company! What a pleasure doing Business with you :) Thank you so much for all your Support A++++

Angela, Accounts

So, when I first saw the pop up on the Net I was a bit sceptic, but I tried anyway just to see what would happen. To my amazement and shock I received a reply within a few hours and it was positive, then I received a mail from a personal assistant to help me with any queries, she was amazing and on time with her replies. Thank you Bridgement! the funds really helped me with purchasing of new equipment.

Reynard, Owner

It was an absolutely mind boggling experience. Fast, no paperwork, answer or money in bank in hours. Excellent service

Konrad, Managing Director

What an experience, we are lost for words! Same day approval, convenient online interface, efficient service delivery and instant payment. Interacting with you has been nothing but a breeze! Oh and of course the best fees by far.

Teboho, Business Development Manager

What a great experience. Got an approval within 24 hours. Very easy to use and funds reflect almost immediately in our bank.

Stefanie, CFO

I received super-efficient service from The Bridgement Team; online registration and application were seamless and my query was responded to in no time. Impressed how it integrates with Sage and Online Banking. Brilliant solution to enhance cashflow for SMEs. Thank you.

Otto, Business owner

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To apply you’ll need:

  • A formal business in South Africa
  • R500,000+ annual revenue
  • 6 months+ in business
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Frequently asked questions

What is BridgePay?

BridgePay is a flexible payment option that you can use to settle your business invoices without having to pay anything upfront. With BridgePay, we’ll settle your supplier and you’ll pay us back over 12 weekly payments. With participating suppliers, you’ll pay no interest.

What does it cost when paying with BridgePay?

When paying with BridgePay, there are no upfront costs or on-going fees. Depending on the agreement in place between us and your supplier, your 12 week repayment term may be partially or entirely interest-free. Should you repay in full during your interest-free period, using BridgePay will cost you nothing and you will simply repay the original purchase amount. Following the interest-free term (if only partially interest-free), you will pay a simple 2-3% per month interest rate on your purchase amount.

How do I use BridgePay to pay my suppliers?

Apply online in 2 minutes and we’ll let you know what credit limit we’re able to offer you. Once approved, you can then order from your supplier as usual and send us the invoice. You will then be able to choose BridgePay as your payment method and approve the payment - we’ll settle your supplier and your order will be processed. You’ll then repay us over 12 weeks (potentially interest-free). You can even settle early at any point in time without paying any penalties.

Once approved, you’ll be able to use BridgePay as many times as you need within your limit, at any supplies that accept BridgePay as a payment method.

What are the minimum requirements for me to pay with BridgePay?

To qualify to use BridgePay, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:
- Your business must be a registered company or close corporation in South Africa
- Your business must have been trading for at least 6 months
- Your business must have an annual turnover of more than R500,000

What is the maximum transaction value that BridgePay can be used for?

You’ll be able to qualify for a credit limit of anywhere up to R500,000. You’ll be able to use BridgePay as many times as you need up to your credit limit.

Should you require business funding for larger amounts than R500,000, you are able to apply for a Business Loan, Line of Credit or Invoice Finance facility at

What happens if I miss a payment?

Your weekly payments will be automatically debited from your bank account. Should you not have the necessary funds in your account such that you miss your payment, your account will be debited the following day.

If you can't make a payment, get in touch with us and we'll work together to find a solution.

What happens if I want to return goods or require a refund?

Should you wish to return goods or require a refund, please get in touch with your supplier directly. If your refund is approved, your outstanding balance will be settled.

What is Bridgement?

Bridgement is a leading FinTech credit provider offering simple finance to small and medium businesses (SMEs) across South Africa, enabling them to expand their operations, take on bigger projects and bridge gaps in cash flow. We're passionate about helping our customers grow. Find out more about our company and our product offering at

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