Illustration of laptop on Bridgement website with paper invoice next to it Illustration of laptop on Bridgement website with paper invoice next to it
Looking to grow your business?

Small Business Loans

Access a lump sum amount for a fixed term to cover a business expense, with Bridgement’s online Business Loan.

Get a Business Loan up to R5,000,000

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Apply online in minutes and receive funds within hours.

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Always know the true cost of finance with simple, transparent pricing.

Save on finance costs with early-settlement discounts; no lengthy lock-in periods.

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Take advantage of growth opportunities and fund a project, stock or new equipment.

How to get a Business Loan from Bridgement

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Apply online

Submit your online application in 2 minutes – no lengthy forms or paperwork required.

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Get approved

You'll be notified via email once your application is approved, usually within 24 hours.

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Access your funds

Once approved, accept the repayment terms and the funds will be sent your way!


A Business Loan that works for you

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Fast and convenient

Apply in minutes, receive funds in hours. Manage your business loan from your online dashboard.

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Simple pricing

Understand the cost of finance upfront with simple, transparent pricing. No hidden costs, no surprises.

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Get approved once, re-use your business loan facility many times over for those ongoing needs.

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Early settlement savings

Request early settlement at any stage and get rewarded with a discount equal to the remaining interest.

A new way to fund your business

Obtaining a business loan shouldn’t be difficult and time-consuming, so Bridgement created a simpler, better way to do it online.
Traditional Business Loans
Online, Instant & paperless
Apply in minutes, get funds in hours.
One simple transparent fee
Easy to understand pricing without complex fee structures.
Get approved once, repay and re-use your business loan facility many times over.
Early settlement discounts
Save on the outstanding interest when settling early.
Don't be discouraged by the complex application process at your bank and other traditional institutions. Submit your online application and get approved for a business loan facility today – no fee to apply and no commitment to use the funds.

Business Loan FAQ’s

What is a small business loan?

A small business loan is the funding a small business needs to run or grow their business. The loan is provided in the form of working capital which is then used by the small business to finance their needs, pay for unexpected costs or to expand their business. Many South African businesses run into cash flow problems and struggle to get a flexible business loan quickly and easily. Luckily Bridgement is here to close the gap.

How much does a business loan cost?

Bridgement charges a single, simple fee per business loan withdrawn. This single fee is the total cost of finance and there are no other fees or interest charged. There are also no fees to apply and no ongoing monthly facility fees. Our pricing is completely transparent and upfront - you will always know the exact cost for each business loan you take from Bridgement. The rate you're charged will depend on a number of factors including your business situation, credit score and trading history. You'll also qualify for a better rate the more you use your Bridgement facility and once you've built up a track record. View our pricing calculator to get a sense of what your rate could look like.

Why use a business loan?

If you don’t have a long credit history or substantial assets, you’ll find it hard to apply for traditional business loans through a bank. What’s more, bank financing can take months to get approved. A Bridgement business loan facility offers South African business owners a convenient, fast and flexible way to obtain funding needed to grow. Whether that's for buying raw materials or stock; buying an expensive piece of equipment/machinery; or even funding a short term gap in cash flow. The online application process for Bridgement facility is quick, simple and headache-free.

How does an online business loan work?

An online business lender provides fast business loans through a simple online process. This new way of getting a business loan provides the fastest turnaround times and removes the need for long forms and paperwork. Completing a business loan application takes two minutes on Bridgement’s website and you’ll normally get a loan decision within 24 hours. Bridgement is completely online and won’t need to meet you in person. You also won’t have to provide any financial projections or business plans. Once approved for an online business loan facility, you’ll get access to a dashboard on Bridgement’s website where you can manage and withdraw funds from your facility. Funds will usually land in your bank account within an hour of making the loan request on your dashboard.

How do you get a fast business loan?

Business owners facing cash flow issues need funding fast. Banks offer a number of financing options including business loans, overdrafts and asset finance. Unfortunately, banks often need a lot of documentation and take over three months to process your application before supplying you with funds. Other funding options like venture capitalists and angel investors also have rigorous, paper-based application processes that take even longer than the banks. Taking funding from them also results in dilution of your ownership of your business. Bridgement offers business loans and credit facilities in just 24 hours, and its automated online application means you can apply in just minutes, without having to submit any paperwork.

How do you get a small business loan in South Africa?

You can apply for a business loan through a bank. Be ready to provide a full business plan, financial projections, and financial records. Applications can take weeks to complete and months to process. Banks typically won't approve you if you're within your first 2-3 years of trading, or if you don't have an existing track record with them. You can also apply for funding through an investor. Finding a willing investor is hard and you will probably have to exchange equity in your business for funding. This means your ownership of the business gets diluted and you'll have to get agreement from multiple partners before making key business decisions. The South African government offers a number of grants and loans, but you will need to fit specific criteria to qualify. Bridgement offers an exciting alternative with the first online business loan facility, a quick and easy way to get business loans online.