Illustration of laptop on Bridgement website with paper invoice next to it Illustration of laptop on Bridgement website with paper invoice next to it
Dealing with slow paying customers?

Invoice Finance

With Bridgement’s invoice financing (also known as invoice discounting), we advance funds to your business based on the amounts due from your invoiced customers.

Turn unpaid invoices into funds in your account

Our revolving facility gives you access to advances of up to R5,000,000 on your receivable invoices.

Icon of stacked invoices with an unlocked lock over them

Unlock the value of your unpaid invoices to improve cashflow and accelerate growth.

Icon of stacked invoices with a Rand symbol over them

Maintain your customer relationships without them knowing about invoices financed through Bridgement.

Optimise and save on your cost of finance with the option to settle when it suits you.

Icon of a graph showing business growth over time

Stay competitive and seize growth opportunities by accepting larger contracts with longer payment terms.

How to get Invoice Finance with your Bridgement facility

Icon of invoices being selected
Select an invoice

See which of your invoices are available for an advance on your Bridgement dashboard. Select one, or many by clicking ‘Get Paid’.

Icon of calendar indicating a loan repayment schedule
Get paid

Review the fee and repayment schedule, and accept the terms for your Bridgement advance. The funds will be sent your way immediately.

Icon of wallet and recycling sign to indicate loan repayment
Pay us when it suits you

Pay us back over 1 to 12 months. Settle early at any stage and get rewarded with a discount for the outstanding advance fee.


Bridgement’s invoice financing is different

Icon of an invoice with a magnifying glass over it

We assess your invoices automatically so that we can send your funds quickly after you request an advance.

Icon of an invoice with a confidentiality symbol over it

Your customers won’t know about your Bridgement advances, and you’ll continue to collect payments from them.

Icon of stacked invoices with a tick over them

Select one invoice or many, whenever it suits you. We’ll even advance you funds on invoices as low as R10 000.

icon of a stack of coins with a percentage and Rand symbol
Free early settlement

Save money by settling early and receiving a pro-rata discount. There are no lock-in periods or termination charges.

A new way to do invoice discounting

Invoice discounting isn’t a new concept. We’ve just improved on the idea by taking its best qualities and simplifying the rest. Welcome to simple, fast and flexible invoice finance online.
Traditional Invoice Finance
Online, Instant & paperless
Request an advance and receive funds in minutes.
Single small invoices accepted
Get advances on invoices as low as R10 000.
Keep your business affairs confidential
Keep your customers unaware of your invoice finance.
Collect from your customer
Continue to collect invoice payments yourself.
One simple transparent fee
Understand the cost with one simple fee per advance.
Free early settlement
Enjoy savings with early settlement discounts.
Don’t let slow paying customers put cash flow pressure on your business. Unlock value tied up in your unpaid invoices today. Apply online now - there’s no application fee and no commitment.

Invoice Finance FAQ’s

How does invoice financing work?

Basically, invoice financing turns your unpaid invoices into cash. It’s a form of financing where you can get an advance on funds that you’ve already invoiced your customers for. You borrow money against the amounts due from your customers. This can help you improve your cashflow situation so that you can pay your business expenses, suppliers and employees. A key benefit of Bridgement's invoice financing is that you'll receive 100% of the value of your unpaid invoices (instead of the usual 70-80%) and the transaction is completely undisclosed. This means your invoiced clients will be kept unaware of the fact you're getting invoice finance.

How much does invoice financing cost?

Bridgement charges a single fee for each invoice advance you receive. This single fee is the total cost of finance and there are no other fees or interest charged. There are also no fees to apply and no ongoing monthly facility fees. Our pricing is completely transparent and upfront - you will always know the exact cost for each invoice advance you take from Bridgement. The rate you're charged will depend on a number of factors including your business situation, your receivable invoice and the quality of your debtors book. You'll also qualify for a better rate the more you use your Bridgement facility and once you've built up a track record. View our pricing calculator to get a sense of what your rate could look like.

Why use invoice financing?

If you don’t have a long credit history or substantial assets, you’ll find it hard to apply for traditional business finance through a bank. What’s more, bank financing can take months to get approved. Bridgement invoice financing offers South African business owners a convenient, fast and flexible way to deal with late paying customers and get financing when you need it. The online application process is quick, simple and headache-free.

What is the difference between invoice financing or invoice discounting and invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring or debtors factoring is a similar concept to invoice financing or discounting, but there is one fundamental difference. Essentially with factoring, the company requesting funding does not retain ownership of the invoices and the lender, also known as the factor, assumes responsibility of these - collecting payments from the customers directly. When the customers pay their invoices, the factor deducts its fees and the discount, and the remaining amount is remitted to the company.