Cash flow, or cash flop? Your January business horoscope

By Bianca C


January 17, 2023

Depending on what industry you work in, the start of a new year can represent radically different things. Right now, some of us are wound tighter than the purse strings, while others can’t count the cash fast enough. After all, one man’s cash flow is another man’s cash flop. 

To help you prepare yourself for what lies ahead, we have taken the liberty of casting our eyes to the stars. There, the fortune of your business is spelled out more clearly than in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s high time that somebody disrupted the astrology industry, and we’ve taken on this cosmic task with gusto. Your business horoscope tells all. 

Aries: Marketing 

Your hotheaded intuition and natural leadership skills have served you well this past quarter, but it might be time to pack the horns away. Although you are driven by fire and passion, the stars spell out a cooling-off period during the beginning of the new year. Mercury will be in retrograde until January 18, firmly pressing pause on your ambitious business plans. 

Most businesses have closed shop for a while, and you’re unlikely to hear from clients until Mercury moves on. Patience is not your strong suit, but you’re going to have to draw on personal and financial reserves to keep steady until business is booming again. But, don’t fret about those unpaid invoices. There might just be a solution on the horizon. 

Taurus: Construction 

Hmm. Stars say you might have to take a leaf out of Aries’ book this season, Taurus. Like marketing, construction slows down to a near-halt over the festive season, and it could take a while to get those engines running again. Don’t get too bull-headed about forging ahead with breaking ground on any new projects. Those Caterpillars should remain in their cocoons until new plans have been approved. 

There is some good news, though. The moon spent the night of December 31 in Taurus, an auspicious sign for the new year. There might just be a solution written in the stars that will see you through the quiet season.  

Gemini: Hospitality/service 

You know what they say about Geminis – they’re two-faced. And, while that might be an insult to some, everyone in the hospitality industry knows how to handle unflattering comments with a gracious smile. So, folks, put your best face forward, because the planets have aligned for your seasonal success. 

This summer period is often the busiest for the service industry, as tourists flock to hotels, bars, and restaurants to make the most of their post-pandemic revenge travel plans. 

Well, good. The stars have not exactly looked kindly on your industry in the past two years. Make the most of the revelry – this is your time to shine. Just don’t lose sight of the looming dip when the visitors return home by the end of January. No need to panic. There is always a solution at hand. 

Cancer: Transport 

Thank your lucky stars, crabby cabbies. You’re back in the driver’s seat while the fortuitous Jupiter returns to Aries for the next four months. This dynamic combination is heating up your career house! And, like your Gemini friends, this means a very busy summer season. This time is often the busiest for aeroplanes, trains, buses, and cabs. And, with all the revenge travel going on, you’ll be reaping the benefits of a fruitful festive season all summer long. 

Just don’t forget to make provisions for the inevitable post-boom slump in business. The wheels will keep on turning, but only if you put the right plans in place. 

Leo: Tourism 

You’re set for a roaring success this season, Leo! With so many international visitors seeking out the Big Five, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But, as you well know, tourism is a highly seasonal industry. 

Stars say that you’ll want to investigate some cash flow solutions to see you through the quieter months that lie ahead. After all, we can’t have you losing your pride. 

Virgo: Entrepreneurs 

Ah, entrepreneurs. Such pure intentions. The planets are not explicit about their plans for you this season. As of now, at the beginning of the year, your ruling planet Mercury has dipped into a low-power retrograde for a few weeks. 

As a result, 2023 might get off to a slower start than you would like as a business owner. This could go one of two ways: you might enjoy a much-needed break, or you’ll be champing at the bit to get cash flowing again. If it’s the latter, don’t resort to despair just yet. The stars spell out a celestial solution. 

Libra: Fitness

The fitness industry is all about balance – and by that, of course, we mean a dumbbell in each hand. Lucky for you, the season of New Year’s resolutions is nigh. As such, you can expect a significant uptake in fitness-related activities in the coming month. That’s great news for business! 

But, you’ll need a spotter when the bar comes back down. Don’t let the seasonal influx trick you into thinking that the months ahead are going to be one long string of rest days. Stars say that alternative business financing solutions can strengthen your business and lift your sales to a new personal best. 

Sagittarius: Retail 

Ah, Sagittarius – the archer. You only get one shot in retail, so make sure your arrow flies straight and true. The bulk of the industry’s revenue comes from this summer season, so you can expect long hours and robust sales. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, indeed! 

Once the festivities are concluded, though, the cash flow might slow from a torrent to a trickle. The months to come might be dry but, if you make the most of the busy season and implement some cash flow strategies, you’ll be A for away until the next festive shopping boom. 

Capricorn: Advertising 

Unfortunately, the planets spell out a capricious season for advertising. Like your other horned friends, marketing and construction, this is the time to slow down and close the agency doors. Now that the pre-holiday rush is long concluded, it’s time to take stock and reap the rewards of a year’s hard work. 

If the quiet season is throwing you for a loop, fear not. The celestial billboard proclaims that alternative business funding can pull Mercury right out of retrograde for you. You just have to know where to look. 

Aquarius: Resorts 

Cash flow? More like cash flood. Resorts are set to make a splash this season. That being said, the Sun is set to sink for a month into Capricorn – your restful twelfth house. 

This might be a good time to rest, but money never sleeps. If you want some real R&R, invest in some financing solutions that will keep business ticking over even when the waters run dry. 

Pisces: Restaurants 

Pisces, you’ll be swimming like a fish in a steady stream of cash flow this season! Jupiter will be in Aries and your money sector until halfway through May, so don’t be surprised if a career opportunity arises over some expertly-crafted hors d’oeuvres. 

But don’t count your chickens before they’ve been roasted. The end of the busy season might push you out of the frying pan and into the fire. Unless you’ve got a business funding plan up your chef’s sleeve, that is. 

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