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By Leigh


January 12, 2019

Business Financing

Business owners often find themselves in this tricky dilemma: when you’re facing a cash crunch, you need money quickly, so a lengthy business loan application process is just not viable. But loan application periods are notoriously long, leading to plenty of frustration.

So, what’s the solution? Bridgement offers a new way to get a business loan quickly and easily.

Who needs quick business loans?

At one point or another, just about every business needs access to more funding than they have.

Perhaps your business has run into a cashflow issue because of slow paying clients. Or perhaps you’ve spotted a fantastic opportunity to expand but need additional funds to do so. Maybe you’re struggling with a critical piece of business equipment that needs to be replaced or you need a new technology upgrade that will help you remain competitive. Perhaps business is just a little slow, and you need some money to tide you over the off-peak season. Business might even be booming, and you need money to buy additional stock to meet the growing demand.

How do you get a quick business loan?

Up until recently, applying for a business loan took months. Banks typically take 2 months or more just to review a business loan application. Even once your application has been approved, you still need to wait for weeks for the loan to be transferred into your account. If you were looking for a quick, easy loan, you would be out of luck.

But Bridgement is helping to shake up the loan industry in South Africa. Their incredibly simple online application process takes two minutes, and you can get quick business financing from them within 24 hours.

With Bridgement, you apply for a business loan by connecting your accounting package like Sage or Xero. What makes Bridgement so innovative is that the application process is done 100% online without any paperwork – it’s completed in just minutes, and you’ll receive an answer within 24 hours.

When you apply online, you simply connect your accounting package like Sage or Xero. Bridgement’s clever software will then examine your financial data and offer you a loan based on the financial situation of your business. There are no complex forms, and no need to supply reams and reams of supporting documents.

If you need a short-term loan quickly, try Bridgement today.

How much can you apply for

Bridgement offers fast business loans of between R10 000 and 1 million Rand.

Business loan interest rates are based on a number of factors including the financial health of your business, and fees start from as little as 1.7% per month. There are no hidden costs or extra fees. Bridgement will let you know upfront exactly how much you will be paying back every month. There’s no early settlement fee if you decide to fully repay your loan early – in fact, you’ll actually receive an early settlement discount.

Bridgement offers quick, easy loans for business owners

By obtaining a credit facility from Bridgement, you get quick business finance at your fingertips. Simply request a withdrawal from your facility from your Bridgement dashboard, and receive the funds you need within minutes. You can even continue to reuse your revolving facility once you fully repay your loans.

Once your Bridgement facility is up and running, it’s incredibly easy to return again and again to apply for more financing, when you need it. The quick and painless process will provide you with the finance you need to solve your cash flow issues or give you the money you need to take advantage of new opportunities for growth.

Try our 2-minute application process

If you’re looking for a quick business loan in South Africa, give our 2-minute application process a try – there’s no fee to apply. And once you’ve been approved, you are under no obligation to take any finance. So it’s worth trying out the process, just to see how it works and how much you qualify for. For a quick solution to your financing needs, apply with Bridgement today.


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