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The Unexpected Security of Unsecured Business Loans
February 07, 2024

Imagine you’re a small business owner sitting down at your laptop or scrolling through your smartphone, Googling funding solutions for your growing enterprise. You’re more than likely to encounter the term “unsecured business loans”. “Hmm,” you might think to yourself. “That doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of funding solution that gives a business owner…

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Cash Flow Lending for eCommerce: How to Maintain Positive Cash Flow
November 02, 2023

As any small business owner knows, cash flow is the lifeblood of growing enterprises. But this is especially true of eCommerce businesses. In an industry with famously slim margins and a propensity for volatility, maintaining healthy cash flow is vital for continued business growth and long-term success.  Learning how to effectively manage and maintain positive…

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The Best Small Business Loans Come From a Partner, Not a Facilitator
September 01, 2023

If you thought that the best small business loans could only be found in the hallowed halls of traditional financial institutions, think again! The funding needs of South African SMEs have permanently transformed the financing sector for the better. Nowadays, growing businesses needing working capital have multiple options to consider when it comes to fulfilling…

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Small Business Financing Options for Time-Strapped SMEs
August 22, 2023

What do a 2008 pop collaboration between Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and South African SMEs have in common? Well, only one of these parties is looking for small business financing options. But all of them are pressed for time. Some might say that they have only four minutes to save the world.  If that…

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5 Ways Working Capital Financing Could Be the Key to SME Success
August 14, 2023

South African SMEs are a lot like houseplants. For both entities, the only consistent sign of success is growth. But unlike your neglected pothos (seriously, when was the last time you watered that thing?), a business needs a lot more than regular hydration and sunlight to thrive. That doesn’t mean that the solution to stimulating…

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Sourcing Money for Business: Top 3 Challenges Faced By SMEs
July 27, 2023

Perhaps the most consistent challenges faced by South African enterprises all have to do with raising money for business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to raise startup capital, an established SME in need of working capital, or a unicorn-sized company looking to take your business to even more mythical heights, all businesses are invested in…

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Financing Services: How to Submit a Loan Application
July 12, 2023

Being an SME in South Africa is like running a sprint race with your legs tied together. You’re on the same track as the other runners, but their size and lack of metaphorical ties lend them a clear advantage in terms of winning. It sounds deeply unfair when you think about it this way but,…

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Could Cash Flow Lending See You Through a Dark Winter?
July 04, 2023

What do cash flow lending, load shedding, and Shakespeare have in common? If you keep reading this article, you might just find out.  “Now is the winter of our discontent,” said Gloucester in the Shakespeare play, King Richard III. It’s unlikely that the great Bard knew just how deeply his words would resonate with South…

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