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The Best Business Line of Credit for South African SMEs
October 03, 2023

Hey, we get it – alternative funding represents many opportunities for efficient and accessible financing solutions, which is great. But that’s just the thing – there are many of them. From invoice financing to bridging loans to securing a business line of credit, it can be tough to discern which option is best for your…

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Business Finance Solutions to Prepare You for Q4
September 26, 2023

Spring has just sprung, which means that it’s time to put on the Boney M. Christmas album and light the Hanukiah. We’re only half kidding – it’s never too early to prepare for the last quarter of the year, especially as this is often the busiest time of year for businesses from diverse industries. Holiday…

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Why Debt Financing Companies is Better Than Giving Up Equity
September 06, 2023

We’re going to come right out and say it – in most cases, debt financing companies is better than giving up equity in order to fund them.  Why? Debt is cheaper, and it doesn’t erode the control you have over your company (and, therefore, your life).  Equity financing is not the ideal fit for an…

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Business Loans for Women Who Mean Business
August 07, 2023

In light of Women’s Month 2023, we’re spotlighting the hardest-working entrepreneurs on the continent: women. Even though women are significant contributors to the economic engines of many African countries, business loans for women are especially difficult to access.  Why?  Socioeconomic factors like low rates of financial literacy and less established networks certainly play a role…

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Calculate your cashflow finance options: funding fundamentals
January 26, 2023

Let’s imagine, for argument’s sake, that a timer started running the moment you started reading this article. Remember that timer.  Okay, now back to the matter at hand. Because you are reading this article, that means that you are investigating alternative business funding options. Many businesses in South Africa run into cash flow dry periods….

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Helping businesses survive load shedding
July 26, 2022

In response to the impact of loadshedding on South African businesses, data-driven alternative finance provider Bridgement offers a unique possible financing alternative power solutions to help entrepreneurs and business owners mitigate the effects of energy disruptions. The solution – called Alternative Power Financing – offers businesses a unique way to fund generators, inverters, and other…

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State of the Nation address Revolving Credit good credit score to get small business loans
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What is a good credit score to get small business loans?
January 27, 2020

Credit scores are an important factor for lenders in determining to offer a small business loan to an applicant. To lenders, your credit score reflects how well you handle money. They may interpret a low credit score as an applicant not possessing the proper skills to manage finances.  Can I get a business loan with…

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Cash Flow
Cash Flow Management Solutions
January 24, 2019

Money management is a vital part of keeping any business functioning efficiently, and ensuring you have sufficient cash flow is a primary concern of any business owner. What is cash flow management? Cashflow management is the analysis of the money entering and leaving your company. Managing your cash flow means staying on top of all the…

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