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How to accelerate growth through a brand collaboration
July 12, 2021

Some of the biggest brands on the planet have worked together in the past to create not only memorable but profitable campaigns and partnerships (GoPro & Red Bull – Stratos, Kanye and Adidas – Yeezy, Apple & MasterCard – Apple Pay), why shouldn’t you? You should. Brand collaboration can be a great way to gain…

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4 Simple ways to support local SMEs
June 04, 2021

Whether you run one, work at one, or visit one on the daily, as a South African you are guaranteed to encounter an SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in some form whenever you leave your front door. And now with the online commerce and services experience being more prevalent than ever, you don’t need to…

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2 Things we learned from the R200 billion Guaranteed Loan Scheme (GLS)
May 03, 2021

Two hundred billion Rand was effectively made available to SMEs by the South African president over a year ago, but with less than 10% allocated, only a few thousand recipients, and just weeks left to apply, one has to ask, “Why so few takers?” What is a GLS? Outlined as the biggest portion of the…

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5 podcasts every South African business owner should be subscribing to in 2021
March 09, 2021

With the abundance of long weekends and Easter holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time to draw some inspiration from a really great podcast (or three).  However, with thousands of entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from multiple industries sharing their thought-provoking advice and lessons learned along the way, it can be quite overwhelming trying to find…

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festive season Santa next to Christmas tree
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The SME’s Guide to Stocking up for Black Friday and Christmas in 2020
November 02, 2020

With the 2020 festive season fast approaching, many SMEs are gearing up for their busiest business period – and it all begins with the larger-than-life precursor otherwise known as Black Friday. Here are six things to consider in preparation for the upcoming holiday period: 1. Forecast, forecast, forecast If you sell a manufactured product, it’s…

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cvs of people for hiring
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6 Things Every SME Should Consider When Hiring Year-End Staff
October 30, 2020

The holiday period can be an especially manic one for many SMEs. From Black Friday to Christmas, you may be in need of more manpower depending on the industry you’re in. But before you panic-hire a part-time team at the last minute, consider these six things: 1. Expectation vs reality If you’re expecting a potential…

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EasyBiz Technologies Quickbooks
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Accessing funding during Covid-19 and beyond
August 21, 2020

EasyBiz Technologies + Bridgement webinar (July 2020) EasyBiz Technologies hosted a webinar with Bridgement that highlighted how businesses can best navigate and adapt to the “new norm”, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Daniel Golderg, CEO and founder of Bridgement, explored the various business funding options available to South Africa’s SMEs during Covid-19. The…

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Corona virus (COVID-19) social display picture
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Make your .ZA site compliant with Covid-19 regulations for free, in seconds
April 03, 2020

If your business’s website domain is registered in the .ZA namespace – which, considering over 1.3-million domains currently are, is highly likely – you’ll know about the recent government regulations issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act. Namely, that all South African website owners must provide a link to the Department of Health’s Covid-19…

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