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Covid-preneurs – When challenge breeds creativity

By Lorin M


March 9, 2021

Covid-preneurs - When Challenge Breeds Creativity

2020, a year that can be considered the most turbulent for businesses in recent history, has taught us many things; one of them being that your options aren’t necessarily limited to sink or swim – you can pivot.  

While it’s certainly a challenge for many to evolve in such trying times, it’s not impossible – as proven by these covid-preneurs who’ve shown that challenge breeds creativity:

  • Granadilla Swim opened Granadilla Eats – The famous Granadilla Swim swimsuit brand saw an opportunity to deliver fresh produce from small businesses to families around Cape Town. Grocery stores were not as geared up as they are now to keep up with the ever-growing demand for at-home delivery, and that’s where Granadilla Eats came in. “Granadilla Eats is now fully staffed and has its own team, the only thing it shares with Granadilla Swim now is its name,” Adam Duxbury (co-founder). “It’s on its own two feet, and has every intention of continuing to challenge the big guys and make sure we can get sustainable produce at affordable prices to people across the country, starting with Cape Town.”
  • Ten Feet Shoes – Clare Tennant, who worked for an events company, was retrenched shortly after the country went into lockdown. She took this as an opportunity to focus on her lifelong dream of owning a shoe brand, and so Ten Feet was born. This brand is completely unique as it allows women to select a printed fabric, and then pair the print with a particular style of shoe in high-quality leather. Clare has big plans for the future of her brand and is glad she was forced to take this leap she otherwise may never have made.
  • Byron Thomas Properties – The owners of this new and bold property agency have been top-selling agents in the industry for many years. After having to relocate back to South Africa from Australia just as Covid hit, they found a gap in the property market; a need for agents that went the extra mile, teams that made use of the technology that was right at their fingertips, and an agency that was proactive for their clients instead of reactive. By analysing the target market and by actively connecting sellers to buyers, this agency has shown that its forward-thinking approach has quickly catapulted them into the same league as their decades-old contemporaries.

These inspirational stories are just a few among many out there. We’re passionate about helping and growing SMEs, as well as sharing these incredible stories with budding entrepreneurs and businesses that are growing and expanding. If you’d like to share your success story and be featured with us, please email us on [email protected]


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